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One Planet Summit: Nigeria’s Commitment to Addressing Climate Change Effects

Seemingly, Nigerian leaders are more committed to conferences, summits and other international events than committing themselves to implementing the outcomes of those events.  Continue reading

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Real science must guide policy

Climate alarmists use faulty science and bald assertions to demand end to fossil fuels Guest opinion by Paul Driessen All too many alarmist climate scientists have received millions in taxpayer grants over the years, relied on computer models that do … Continue reading

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An unsustainable decision by the Federal Ministry of Environment to shut down its library

How are they going to implement dozens of climate agreements that the nation has entered into without building a strong environmental governance that can mainly drive on the wheel of sound knowledge of Nigerians especially those who are concern about her sustainability. Continue reading

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Studies worry: Is Greenland on thin ice? From the UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT Greenland on thin ice? Two studies in Nature open deep history of Greenland’s ice sheet — and raise new questions about its stability The ice sheet covering Greenland is four times bigger than California … Continue reading

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New website provides strong evidence of the recent warming slowdown

Guest essay by Sheldon Walker A new website has been created, which offers a new perspective on global warming. The website is called “” Temperature series like Gistemp or UAH, are turned into 2 dimensional coloured graphs, called global warming … Continue reading

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Old explorer logbooks reveal Antarctic sea ice unchanged from over a century ago — Watts Up With That?

From the EUROPEAN GEOSCIENCES UNION Antarctic explorers help make discovery — 100 years after their epic adventures Heroes of Antarctic exploration have played a crucial role in research that suggests the area of sea ice around Antarctica has barely changed … Continue reading

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